Agents & Expenditure

Election Agents

Before the last day for receiving nominations, each candidate is required to appoint an election agent and to notify the Presidential Returning Officer of the name and address of the agent.

A List of Presidential Election Agents is available here.

The general provisions as to the functions of agents, apart from functions relating to donations and election expenses, are set out in section 34 of the Presidential Elections Act 1993.

Election Expenditure

The spending limit per candidate at a Presidential Election is €750,000. A candidate who is elected or who receives in excess of one quarter of the quota may seek the reimbursement of their actual expenses or €200,000. whichever is the less.

Guidelines on steps to be taken concerning donations and election expenses are available from the Standards in Public Office Commission at

Free Postage

A candidate is entitled to send, free of postage, one communication to each elector or any combination of such persons.

An Post should be contacted at the following numbers regarding the detailed arrangements.

Damien Murray – 0878508758