Nomination Process

Information Note for Candidates

Information Note for Candidates – English (download PDF)

Nóta Eolais don Iarrthóir – Gaeilge (download PDF)

Nomination Papers

Nomination Papers for a Presidential election are prescribed by the Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government. Regulations prescribing these and other forms are contained in SI No.258 of 2011 and SI No. 329 of 2018.

Prospective candidates may obtain nomination papers from the Office of the Presidential Returning Officer during normal business hours or may download nomination papers here:

Nomination Paper by Former President (bilingual)

Nomination Paper by Retiring President (bilingual)

Nomination Form by County Councils, City Councils and City and County Councils (bilingual)

Nomination Form by Oireachtas Members (bilingual)


If a candidate wishes to have his or her photograph included on the ballot paper, they must provide with the nomination paper:

  • A photograph in digitized format and 2 identical printed copies of the photograph (passport size- 35mm x 45mm).
  • The photograph shall be of good quality and in colour showing the candidate’s full face, head and shoulders only, on a light background (any colour) and taken to a professional standard.
  • The photograph shall have been taken not more than 12 months prior to the date appointed by the Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government by order under section 6 of the Presidential Elections Act 1993 for the taking of the poll at the election.

Each copy of the printed photograph shall have the candidate’s name clearly shown on the back.

Nomination Period

The nomination period ran from Thursday 30 August to Wednesday 26 September 2018. The latest time for receiving nomination was 12 noon on the 26 September 2018. A nominated candidate may withdraw his or her nomination at any time before the completion of the ruling on nominations but not thereafter.

A nomination paper must be delivered by the candidate or one or more of the persons making the nomination or in the case of a City, County or City and County Council by an official of the council. Contact should be made with the office of the Presidential Returning Officer by telephone at 018882235 to arrange an appointment for the delivery of the nomination paper.

Ruling on Nominations

At 3pm on Wednesday 26 September 2018 in the Custom House, Dublin 1 the Presidential Returning Officer ruled on the nominations.

For further details see the section ‘Ruling on Nominations’ in the Information Note for CandidatesNóta Eolais don Iarrthóir

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